• Image of Disciple Definers Series - 10 CD Set
  • Image of Disciple Definers Series - 10 CD Set

Are you a disciple? What is a disciple? Are you a Kingdom disciple? How and why did Jesus do what He did?

This series is an in depth looks at the Progressive Path of following Jesus. It unfolds the clear plan Jesus modeled and Scripture portrays of not only becoming a mature follower of Jesus Christ but also creating a culture of making disciples as you lead others as they grow in their walk.

By the end you will recognize, know, and be equipped in the clear disciple definers that the Word of God records. Disciple Definers could very well revolutionize your relationship with Christ, leadership in the body of Christ, and the culture of ministries throughout the world.

Teachings Included:
• An Introduction: Come and See
• Come Follow Me
• Believe In & Confess Me
• Conflicting Confession & Bewildered Belief
• Enter My Kingdom?
• Kingdom Mothers, Kingdom Disciples
• Come Continually After Me
• Be With Me
• Abide in Me
• Abide in Me Part 2