• Image of The Will of God Series - 7 CD Set
  • Image of The Will of God Series - 7 CD Set

I have never met a follower of Christ who did not care or was not concerned about the topic of the will of God. In fact, multitudes of even “spiritual” seeking people have asked and wrestled with questions regarding the will of God. It is saddening to see so many fearful of missing the will of God or overly confident they know the will of God.

The Will of God Series simply and directly answers what is the clearly revealed will of God for your life. There is no more reason for confusion, fear, or confidence rooted in self-regarding this issue in your life. You can know and you can live it. Let the Spirit of God and the Word of God persuade and set your heart at rest through this life changing teaching.
Teachings Included:

• Sweat Not, for it is there
• Saved
• Sanctified
• Rejoice
• Submission
• Suffering
• Serving the Generations