• Image of Divine Design for Discipleship - Paperback

Do you desire to reach your potential in Christ? Have you asked the question, 'What's next for me, God?' This book will provide you with the spiritual understanding you need in order to propel you forward in your walk with Christ. It will empower you to navigate successfully through the phases of spiritual development that God has designed for your life. It will speak prophetically to what God desires to accomplish in your life!

For new believers, the book will present the right spiritual diet in order for you to develop properly. For those believers who find themselves lost, weary, distracted and confused on their spiritual journey, the book offers direction to get you back on course.

And for mature believers, church leaders, and pastors, you will find relevant teachings that can be used to speak to the issues facing the believers you nurture.

This book addresses:
- The phases of spiritual development designed by God
- Provides the relevant teachings (vision) for each phase
- The purpose for the season you find yourself in
- How each phase is connected to the spirit, soul and body of the believer
- Holistic discipleship
- The primary factors that facilitate spiritual growth
- How to reach maturity in Christ