• Image of The Seed Series - 10 CD Set
  • Image of The Seed Series - 10 CD Set

God has promised, “While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest…shall not cease” (Genesis 8:22). In this series, Chad revisits the Biblical theme of “Seed” as he teaches on the Kingdom of God.

Those who are new to the subject will be equipped to allow the grace they have received in Christ to lead to the intended harvest God had in mind. For those who are aware of this subject, and its past surrounding controversial, will be refreshed to see the teaching once again rightly rooted and framed in and by a Christ centered perspective and understanding.

The Seed Series will equip you to move beyond just principles to the main goal of fellowship with the Person of Christ, the true Seed of God.

Teachings Included:
• Heed the Seed
• Seed the Need
• Seed the Need Part 2
• Feed the Seed
• Seed the Need Part 3
• Seed, Time, Pentecost
• Seed Guaranteed
• Need the Seed (Guest – Jeremy Debord)
• Feed the Seed Part 2
• Seed the Need Part 4