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USB Drive

- 80+ Outlines (with privilege to make ongoing copies to use for ministry/church)
- Review Questions & Answers (with privilege of copy reproduction)
- 1 Divine Design for Discipleship Paperback
- Consultation Available
- All additional orders of Chad M. Craig’s books at discounted rate

The Network Curriculum is made up of over 80 outlines, review questions, answers, and additional resources that provide both the teachers and the students with material for in depth interaction with the teachings of the book as believers are led through the phases of spiritual development and receive the relevant teachings to what God desires to accomplish during each phase.

There are outlines for each foundation, transformation, formation, and impartation phase.

This curriculum provides the pattern of sound teaching (2 Timothy 1:13) that it is necessary for each believer to receive and be changed by in order to reach maturity in Christ.